Versalite one cup solution

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Isn't it time you experience
responsible innovation in your cup?

For more information watch our product video.

Watch our product video

Berry has created a technology that blends
superior performance with Environmental responsibility...

Environmental Responsibility

#5 Polypropelyne Versalite cup

Made of #5 polypropylene - a durable plastic with wide recycling access.

Versalite Recycling Information

Easy to recycle

More than 60% of Americans have access to recycle polypropylene, including many communities accepting #5 plastics curbside.

Versalite Recycling Information

Polypropylene collection map available at

2015-16 Centralized Study on Availability of Plastic Recycling; prepared by RRS and Moore Recycling Asssociates Inc.

Environmental Responsibility

#5 Polypropelyne Versalite cup

The Versalite cup is widely recyclable, which may help to lower your company’s overall carbon footprint.

Versalite Recycling Information

Recognized for Responsible Innovation by:


Polypropylene is one of the safest materials used to package food.

More Efficient than EPS Foam

EPS foam alternative

Versalite provides more efficiencies than EPS foam-based cups, including storing, shipping and operational needs.

Puncture and
Crack Resistant

The Versalite material significantly minimizes the chance for leakages.

One Lid Solution

Versalite cup sets can be available with a one lid solution for many size cups.

Versalite one lid solution

*Lid is not made from Versalite material

One Cup Solution

Versalite cups offer a one cup solution for hot and cold beverages because of its temperature control properties.

Superior Graphics

The Versalite cup can use up to a 10 color process which allows for more clarity and precision in printing.

Versalite high resolution printing

Thermal Management

74% of consumers tested believed it would keep their coffee warm enough, without the worry of burning their hands.

Engineered Fit

Consumers in focus groups responded largely positively to a finger hold ledge on the bottom of the cup.

User Preference

8 out of 10 users
tested gave a significantly higher overall rating than all other cups in the marketplace.